657 Harrison Street
San Francisco, California 94107

Flip Your Lid! Let Art Go to Your Head for the Black Rock Arts Foundation

Thursday, April 27th * supperclub san francisco * 657 Harrison Street

Grab your beret, biretta, boater, or bowler, or break out your glue gun and a peck of peacock feathers, and come wine, dine, strut, and dance your hat creation at the super-swank supperclub! You'll enjoy dazzling performances, dine in bed (supperclub style), and have a chance to bid at auction on a cavalcade of crazy hats crafted by community artists!

Varios levels of extravagance with various start times...

More info and tickets: http://www.donatetoblackrockarts.org/flyolifuap27.html

Added by rachelweidinger on March 30, 2006