274 N Goodman St
Rochester, New York NY

As Flickr Rochester monthly meetups begins to gel, ideas begin to roll…

Space is tight, however, maybe with room for eight. Rochester Anarchists plan to take the larger table, so here find capped an attendee limit. More can attend, of course, but be prepared.

Flickr community relations manager Heather Champ says, create an event here in Upcoming, a Yahoo sister company, and Flickr can add it to their directory of events. Maybe we'll even get Flickr schwag.

Today she announced a new flavor of meetup. This idea's got promise too!

Official Website: http://flickr.com/groups/rochester

Added by jlam on November 2, 2006



Heather replied:

Hi John,

Apologies for the delay in responding, we're a bit backed up and I've only now gotten to your event listing. I have posted it and I realize that the schwag won't get to you in time. I'm going to go ahead and drop some in the mail for you for next time. Please let me know when your next event will happen and I promise to be more timely.


So, no schwag this time, but maybe next time.