100 Alexander St.
Rochester, New York 14620

Gather with Flickr Rochester folks, have panini or dessert, imbibe coffee, tea, or wine, and shoot a bit!

A few days before Boulder Fest, architectural restorations should finish and double the interior space. With windows facing South Clinton, in addition to Alexander, the play of light there should be nice. To avoid open mike, we could instead claim tables in the patio by the new stone fireplace.

At our last meetup, scheduled for 7pm, only one arrived on time, four apparently arrived by 7:30p, most arrived by our conventional standby 8pm, while four more arrived even after 8pm. Regardless, just a week after solstice, lots of daylight would still remain. Update: First tentatively scheduled 8pm, the meetup now starts 7pm. If that's too early for you, show up when you can.

If you care to announce your plans, just use your Yahoo/Flickr login and rsvp.

Official Website: http://flickr.com/groups/rochester/

Added by jlam on June 8, 2007



Could we schedule for 7? I'm an early person, and it would be nice if we could start an hour earlier.


I'm back from iceland ... not sure what time zone I am in ... might even bring my top ten favs