One Stockton Street
San Francisco, California 94108

We're going to try something a little different for our 2nd Apple Store
event in San Francisco, on Saturday November 4th from 5 - 7pm.

The first 15 people who approach Heather after 4pm at the Apple Store can book 5 minutes on the "mic" to talk about their photography and share some of their work with the audience. This is an idea in progress, so contents may shift during flight -- please be careful when opening the overhead compartments!

We hope that you pencil us in and join us for an evening of photography.

Further information posted to FlickrBlog 11/1/06:

I'll be camping out from 4pm on (most likely upstairs near the Genius Bar). Come find me and if available, I'll hand you a number. In exchange, you'll hand me some sort of media item* with a selection of your photos.** We'll massage the content into a presentation that we'll display beginning at 5pm. You'll have up to 5 minutes to show your work and talk about what inspires, you (or not).

Small prints stuff: One number per person. You must show up in person to claim a number. Those who present their work will be asked stay within their allotted time. George will play time keeper and we'll sound some sort of device to let you know when you're times up. Politely at first, but all bets are off after that (we may arm Cal with the marshmallow shooter). Please keep in mind that this is a public event and our Community Guidelines will apply.

Oh, one last thing, we won't need super high resolution photos, in fact, my laptop is quickly running out of space, so please don't bring 10MB beauties

We'll likely decamp afterwards to a local watering hole for a frosty beverage (or two), location to be announced at the event.

* CD, Compact Flash, SD, Memory Stick Duo, thumb drive, etc. -- don't worry, we'll give it back. If you have any questions regarding media, please free to drop me a FlickrMail.
** Roughly 20 - 30. With a 5 second delay that's a couple of minutes of photos.

Official Website:



Boo. My niece is washing her head with holy water that day. So tell me all about it after!


Any links to pages/photos of how the first one of these went? Just curious - as coming up from the peninsula takes a commitment! ;-)


here's my set from that event, Dave. Check tags, as many others covered it too:


Thanks for the link Art!


looking forward to this event and listening people's thoughts about their work and photography.
flickr is such a great tool!


There goes Heather having fun! =o) I hope you all really enjoy yourselves! I'm working on something similiar here (working with a couple Bars for the ok) Cheers!


well - would have loved to have attended and even presented some recent photos, but family events have intervened and I'll be out of town by the this time. Hope you all have fun!


It was fun, although there was room for more flickr people to share photos. Afterwards, we went to Schroeder's for sausages and beer. Sadly, there was no polka band last night.


I agree...
I shared some of my "Interesting" set, and would have liked to have seen some more photographers participate. The stuff that was shown was really eye-opening.