27 S High St, Dublin, OH
Columbus, Ohio 43017

A Flickr Meet Columbus meeting during Slainte in Dublin. This is a more social gathering and hang out, sure camera's present but hanging out and getting to know each other better will be the main point of this meet up.

So come out if you want to put a face to a name and get to know folks a bit better.

This meetup is going to be a bit early in the evening, 6:00pm, Slainte ends by 9pm, and it would be nice to get some photos of the event.

Slainte info:

Slainte Thursday 2/21/2008
The third Thursday from 4-9pm is Slainte Thursday, Historic Dublin's multi-sensory grazing event. Featuring a variety of experiences from music and arts to casual shopping and upscale dining, it is a monthly opportunity for friends, families and art and music lovers to stroll, mingle and browse among quaint shops and attractive streetscapes.
Slainte (slon-sha) is a friendly and welcoming Gaelic or Celtic toast, similar to the English toast "To Your Health".

Location: Historic Dublin

Address: Bridge and High Streets

Phone: 614/792-7666

Website: www.dublin.oh.us/slainte

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/columbus-meetup/discuss/72157603519557358/#comment72157603827035679

Added by nextography on January 30, 2008



When is this meet up? The top says 2.21.08, just below that it says January 30th, and on the flickr thread it says Feb 15th.

I'm confused.


Hi there, I work for Upcoming.

The person who posted the event (nextography) had mentioned February 21, but posted the event to take place on Jan 30th.

I set the date to February 21 as that seems to be the user's original intent. I don't know about a Flickr thread.

I tried to contact the person who posted this event, but their email address appears to be a black hole that the person won't read. Honestly, we don't spam people, folks, can we have a little trust here?


Thanks for fixing, flipzagging, the problems came from copying off my old event as a template, and I seem to have messed up pretty bad, but things are all better now.


as the two organisers can't seem to make this (me included) and there is only one other person interested, this event is cancelled for this month. Sorry folks.