1359 H St., NE
Washington, District of Columbia 20002

Save the date!

WIll you be in DC for Inauguration?

Join Team Flickr, local DC Flickristas, and our partners Kodak and Smithsonian for a beverage at Frank's Sova coffeehouse!

We'll be camping out at Sova all day, so if you're attending the Inauguration Ceremony, visiting the National Mall, or just in town to watch the events unfold, come on by to meet us!

We'll be showing photos taken on Election Night in a Kodak digital frame exhibit, as well as photos take during Inauguration.

Sova is located on H street, along the X2 bus line going Eastbound (away from the Mall) between 13 and 14th Streets. I got off at 11th today just to be sure I didn't miss it. Sova is located on the same block as the Rock n Roll Hotel. I too Metro to Union Station and caught the X2 bus there.

Sunday Update - It's pretty simple to take the X2 bus from the Mall to Sova. The X2 is one of the special bus lines for Inauguration that'll run approximately every 10 minutes all day. More here. Also, I caught a great free shuttle coming back from Sova which dropped me off at ChinaTown. Yay!

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Folks! Sova is located in the Atlas District / Trinidad area of DC, not right next to the Mall. DC is going to be very congested, and Sova is not near a Metro stop. Sorry about that. But please try to come! We'll have some drinks and nibbles and Flickry stuff. And we'd really like to meet you!


We have an event in San Francisco too.


I live right outside of DC but it will probably be easier for me to make the San Francisco event :D


I would love tp come, but I live in Northern VA and they have closed all the Potomac River bridges from VA to DC on Inauguration Day.... it will be almost impossible to get there, so I will watch it all at home on TV..have fun!


I wish I could go :-(


I live pretty close by (Bloomingdale). If we can't get into the venue we have tickets for watching the parade (they've warned us that security may close the Mall after a certain number of people), this will be our alternative.


I was thinking about escaping with GeoDuckie and the Missus to West Virginia and let you all do fine documentation for me.


Just a warning!!!!! This is NOT the best of areas. Please becarful around there.


Sova is easy to get to. Just get off at China Town metro and take the X2 down.

"Just a warning!!!!! This is NOT the best of areas. Please becarful around there."

I've lived in NE for 15 years, I think that's a bit of an over-reaction. I walk from my house to the H Street bars all the time and have never felt unsafe. Diversity is not a bad thing! :)


cdtiffanymd Heh heh.I live just a few blocks from SOVA. It's a nice area of Capitol Hill. :) Just be as careful as you would anywhere else.

Everyone, there's also a great coffeehouse just a block from Union Station. It's called Ebenezers at 201 F Street NE. It's not SOVA, so there may be no other Flickrites, but if you need a quick cup of coffee, they'll be open.


Hi -- I've rented a condo in G-town, which has 4 bedrooms, 2 of which aren't being used. If anyone needs to crash or cares to be closer to the city, email me at [email protected] Costs of the rooms are covered, you'll be responsible for your own food and beverage.


I am very excited about this - can't wait!


yay tara! in town, will try to swing by & represent west coast stylings.


Sounds like a plan! I am traveling from Texas to attend the inauguration. This will be my first time in DC, so I will need to directions to get there...I will be catching the train into DC from Philly. Can anyone give good directions to the location of the meet-up?


I live in Leesburg, VA and plan on getting up early and catch the Metro into town. I will try to head your way...


I live in Columbus Ohio, but wife and I will be out since bro works on the hill and lives on U it makes it easier. We will try to stop by and say hello to the Washingtonian Flickr folk...


Sweet! I am so there. There's nothing more fun than meeting new Flickrenos!

I have tickets for the Inaug so not what time I'll be at the SOVA. If you guys are giving out those mini Flickr buttons I sooo want one.

Cheers from Denver.


Everyone, thanks for the comments and really happy to hear people will try to come out. I know its going to be crazy busy but if you can stop by sometime we'll be there all day. You can upload your pictures too!


Great idea and I would love to come, but seriously I live about 6 miles away and there is no way to get there on inauguration day other than to walk.


I'm going to the inaugurqtion, I'm coming from Belgium. I see that flying is out so I may come by bus. If anyone is leaving Chicago email me at [email protected]. I have a place to stay so if you are driving thats good also.


@sableman - that is such a bummer. I'm going to be staying in VA, taking Metro in as far as I can, and then bussing from there...


I'm coming in from Birmingham, AL and staying with friends who live about 2 blocks away on G Street NE. I'm looking forward to coming over and meeting up with those that can make it.


I'll be getting up ridiculously early and catching the Metro, but I'll be sure to stop by and say hello!


I would love to come to a Flickr meetup but the location makes this a bit problematic as getting there from the Mall will be interesting. IF the buses are running regular schedules then the X2 will be great.


I'll try to make it! Getting around seems to be a question for a lot of people. I'm not sure if I'll be on foot - and if so, it should be easy to walk from the mall to the X2 near union station - unless of course its wall to wall people. Otherwise I might park my scooter at a friends house on 3rd street ne and scoot over. People should note that vehicles allowed on the bridges include cabs. Its pretty easy to get to 13th and H avoiding downtown, but don't take metro! Bikes are always good. DC is mostly flat.


I'll be getting off the train coming in from Philadelphia...It looks like Sova is an easy walk from the train station, is this correct? Maybe two miles or so?


You can easily walk to SOVA from Union Station or the Capitol. If you don't like walking, you can jump on the X8 bus from Union Station and it will take you to SOVA's door - http://www.wmata.com/bus/timetables/dc/x8.pdf

Mischief 1972

Not super familiar with the area, but I am going to try to make it. I love to meet other Flickrites.

Cyril Cavalié

Hello! I am staying in Leesburg, Northern Virginia, since yesterday night (I come from especially from Paris, France), and I hope I will be able to come to the meeting! Could you just please tell which is the closest metro station? See you soon! Cyril


Hi Cyril, have a look at digitaleffie's comment above, the Union Station looks to be a good bet. Sova is on H Street and you'll be on/near H street at that stop. Take a bus down H or perhaps walk. I'm going to try that today so that I know what I'm talking about...


Also, from grumpyjr88: Sova is easy to get to. Just get off at China Town metro and take the X2 down.

Reminder to check for closures!


I will be there!!


Is Sova not opening until 12 for the meetup???


Unfortunately, I still have to work today, but I plan on making it there for at least an hour or two.


I am posting some pictures from the hours before the Inauguration. My husband is working the inaguration and has taken some nice pictures to share.


spiggycat and I are making our way there now! :)


How was the meetup? I made the mistake of stopping by my house on the way to SOVA and was so exhausted that I sleep for several hours and I missed it. :(


Thanks to everyone for making it out! Flickr loves you!

Scott Hall

flicker is so awesome, i wonder how the party went, That area of DC is on the comeup

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Really great guys, loved it
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