1128 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 2S2

We’d also like to invite Flickr members who are in the Vancouver area to join us on Monday, February 22, at the Yahoo! Sports Studio in Yaletown. We’ll display photos from the Olympics group on Flickr, and provide a warm place for you all to regroup and upload your photos.

Added by tarakirchner on February 11, 2010



I want to come but I will be at Semi final #1 and 2 for women's hockey that day. I don't know if I can get there fast enough with the husband and children after the game to upload any photos. The meet ups should be done a few times so that more flickr locals can attend and meet others. Can we come to the studio outside of this date and time and upload etc???

Denise (Supermans Wife)


ironwomanskaterchick - Yahoo! Fancouver, aka Yahoo! Sports Studio is open 11a-11p from now thru Feb 28th. Stop on by and join us, even if you can't make the meet-up!

Russ Beinder

Sounds like fun, but that women's hockey is in the way.


I was there today, but will gladly go back on Monday. It's a cool place!
Denise (DeniseJC)

Sarah LA

Sounds great! Looking forward to it.


Sounds great will try to be there.


how do you RSVP with a guest?


I'm not a pro but it'll be great to meet other photographers out here :)


I will be there.


this is cool!!! can't wait to see you guys


I will be there...can't wait :)


I will be there too.


I'd like a lot to be with you dear Flickers, but ..for the same moment I've tickets for the Figure Skating starting at 16.45, so not enough time before and probably after. Hope you'll organize a new event on days after the 22nd! Cheers everyone!


Definitely will be there.


Can't wait to meet fellow Flickrers on Monday night!


I will be there.


i'm interested. gotta watch the hockey game first but will definitely try to make it over.


I will be there with bells on!


@progtym, can the other person RSVP as well? That would be easiest!


I'll try to get there after the game.


Sounds like a lot of fun, looking forward to the meet.


Brilliant girl and myself (MMaeb) plan on coming to the event. She can't rsvp separately at the moment, so I hope it's okay that I rsvp on her behalf. Look forward to meeting you all!


I'll be there!


LOL I had a pair of Opening ceremony ticks in my hands: alas they were for my boss.
Then CNY got in the way as the XXI winter Olympics got int the way of the CNY parade...had to work the Chn New Year events.. So the 1st thing I did was to go see the cauldron.
See you Monday evening, I'll even skip fencing practice.


Would like to go...maybe later

Christopher Evans

I'll try to drop by.


Will make a best effort!


Had a fan-tastic time. Thanks Yahoo!

Mad at myself for forgetting a transfer cable, but will still upload some pics from home if possible.


Thanks so much. That was the best time we've had at any event yet during the Olympics and we've been to a few. :)


Very nicely hosted. Thanks for a great evening and some lovely swag! Truly enjoyed! Cheers!

The Limey

Hi all - I was the guy who was dressed in the hard hat and flag, running around getting you guys grouped for a photo with my cow bell....totally not what i expected - very cool!...met some interesting guys - where are you Ronan? Plus I can't track down that lovely Asian lady who was hosting the night.....'Anatara?' sorry didn't get all your name! Thanx! cheers!


Thanks for the party!


It was a fantastic event. Thank you! Wish I could leave work earlier in time to get a tshirt. Had a great time. Looking forward to seeing all the photos from the event.


Me encantaria ir pero estoy en el otro Polo del Mundo
Argentina jajaja
saludos a todos por alla

Moe W

DAMN, I wish I had known this was on. I would have been there.

Judy B

I really enjoyed seeing my old Flickr pals again .. and some new ones. Images from the evening are here: