50 N. Hotel St.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

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Added by hawaii on December 7, 2007





Mini Garden (50 N. Hotel St.)?


Oh, wow! Apparently I added myself as Attending, earlier, and didn't tell myself that I did! I guess I'm more efficient than I thought I was...or am....or something.

Is this the same guys as the one that opened last year some time on S. Beretania, a little before McCully St.? I ate there sometime last year and it was pretty good. Perhaps a second location?


The location on S. Beretania a few blocks Ewa of University Ave. is actually a third location. The first two are the Chinatown one and the one inside 99 Ranch Market's food court.


Yeah I've been to the Beretania location a few times, quite good, and I don't really eat Chinese if I have a choice. But they are known for the veggie stuff (seitan imitation shrimp, interesting.. heheh)


See you guys tomorrow. Are some people staying out long? Would like to sneak out for the rest of the days....


Mini Garden has a great crispy gau gee mien. See you all there.


bummer. can't go... health is a bit rocky right now (fever, can't eat). Ryan, if you have my plastic dishes, just toss 'em. i can get more. i am so sorry, guys... was really looking forward to meeting more of you.


I don' t know. No one said anything, but I think the usual people will be off the rest of the day after the lunch, so it's a good bet.

I hope you feel better soon.
Darn, I wanted to meet more of me, too. ^ ^
Take care.


Dennis- I'm free until I have to pick the kids up at 5:00.

J.Mitchell- feel better!

Is anyone making reservations? Do we need them?


ok, i'm confused...the only mini garden i know is on hotel street. is that the right one? 12:00

haven't been there since they changed owners. do they still have stewed noodles?


It is on Hotel St., right on the corner with (I think) Smith St. I don't know if we need reservations... I've never made 'em.


Lucy, that's great!

Okay, I hope I can find this place so I won't be late.

see you guys later.


K- I'll be wanting to cruise around and shoot if that's what you're thinking. Or you know.. come up with some shenanigans.


Wish i could go... hope you guys have fun!


niimo... I'm taking the rest of the day. Yeah, I'm thinking of shooting around. let's do that - shenanigans


um...is hopeful an option?

If nothing gets added to my calendar at work, I should be there.

J.Mitchell - I hope you feel better soon too!

Bill Adams

I can't hear, so please don't make my ears burn any more than they already are.

Have fun! See you all next month!


damn! we have a staff meeting, but I'm not sure when.


Nice to meet those of you at the children's table, and I look forward to meeting those at the big table some day.

For those who asked, my flickr handle is kaveh808.