1088 Bishop Street, LL13
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

A casual monthly gathering of Flickr folk in Honolulu. Actual venue to be determined. Check in and chime in at the Hawaii Flickr Meetup group! See link.

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/nahui_aikane/

Added by hawaii on September 13, 2007



Please RSVP by Sunday, October 7th so that we can make reservations. Thanks!

Bill Adams

Roger, Houston. Go with throttle up...


Again, so there's no confusion, does signing up under "Attending", constitute an RSVP? I assume it does, but correct me if I'm wrong.
I just don't want people to get "left out" due to a misunderstanding.

Thanks again to Ryan and Crissy for taking this and running with it!


Yep, if you put yourself down as "attending," I'm putting you in the headcount, so you better show up . . . because we know what you look like, and we can send !!wat_dat!! to hunt you down (assuming he can ever RSVP and make it, hahahaha)! ;o)


oooooo...i love when you talk all assertive like that!


Thanks Crissy & Ryan for organizing the lunch! And thanks Steve for keeping me updated.


Whoa I think this is the most attended event in Hawaii! =D Watch out Hikulau's!


Hehehe..eventually, this group will become infamous all over town...those weird people with the cameras...


I am new to the Hawaii Flickr group ... but please count me in!
... I am the guy with the sunglasses, camera and the confused look :)


That description could fit a good number of us! ^ ^
Just kidding!
Welcome! Look forward to meeting you.

kyler kwock

I just signed up for a "upcoming" account, only to find that I wont be able to attend. Looking forward to the next one! =)


Looking forward to meeting the group!

Crissy, if you're turning in a head count for food I'll be there but I won't be eating. Restricted diet for med. reasons. Just in case it makes a difference. Thanks for doing all this coordination : )


Woot woot!

One more week!


Gah! I wish I could make this but I'll be working! Have fun!