409 Colorado St
Austin, Texas 78701

The latest and greatest installation of the Flicker series is back with another screening of killer short films, so mark your calendars now! You won't want to miss this exceptional showcase covering the gamut of eclectic genres from both local filmmakers & other Flicker filmmakers across the country. You can look forward to enjoying fantastic celluloid gems about evil Twinkies, curdled breast milk, the ever-controversial hot dog man statue, and an introspective look for the ladies about "what guys really want".

Austin filmmakers showcasing at this screening include: Kat Candler, Lori "16mm" Surfer, Jeffrey Travis & David Taylor, as well as Aaron Valdez (ex-Austinite, but honorary Austinite nonetheless). Also screening is a new short by Flicker Chapel Hill super stars, and the producer/editor of "Monster Road", Jim Haverkamp and Joyce Ventigmilia!

And as if the night couldn't get more fabulous, there will be a musical pre-show and intermission entertainment (the fun doesn't stop even when you're in the bathroom!), by the Sinus Show's Jerm Pollet, who is sure to keep your funny bone alert and your booty shakin'!

We'll also be welcoming a special guest, Coke, who is in the process of heading up the newest member of the Flicker family, Flicker Las Vegas!

Details and tickets at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown website and at Flicker Austin.

Added by unwiredben on April 25, 2005