2 New Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California 94105

A 10 hour bootcamp in Flex to learn 3D using Papervision. Taught by professional trainer Vic Cekvenich.

We will cover hands on labs from scratch:

* Setting up the SDK
* Warm up: 2D Motion
* 3D Primitives
* 3D Math
* Materials
* Make a complex objects (Collada)
* Interactions
* Shadows/Reflection
* Flash 10
* Calling a remote (web java/data ) service
* and more.

This is an intensive all day class stressing techniques useful for gaming and traditional 3D. You will walk out comfortable creating simple 3D games or a Rich UI Web site.

You must provide your own laptop, over 1 GB ram recommended. Power will be provided for each laptop. We will mail you class prep materials on a usb stick 10 days before the class. You will also have support after the class.

Official Website: http://papervision.proj.com/

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