2170 Market Street
San Francisco, California 94114

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so many times we'd have the same night, so we stopped with a grandfinale. Our lives would move us to different places but we'd carrybits and pieces of eachother with us no matter where we went and whowe met. Sometimes these pieces would be shiny and awe and amuse, othertimes they'd be no more interesting than a boring piece of a crumbledup paper found in our pocket. Inside each moment apart we discoveredwhat we hated and loved about the other person. Soon we couldn't evenremember that we once knew one another and the earth rolled over andwhispered in its sleep something disasterous.

Sunday, February 24th

I am pleased to announce that Fleeting Trance will be playing @ one ofmy favorite spots in San Francisco

The Cafe Du Nord
located @ 2170 Market Streetin San Frandingdong, California (The terminator is our governor, who's yours?)

we have an excellent bill lined up for you with an early show start time so you can still make it to work on Monday.

you will need to be 21+ years of age w/ID

7pm doors 7:30pm show

7:30pm - The JJ Schultz Band

8:30pm - Oona Garthwaite

9:30pm - Fleeting Trance

10:30pm - Fancy Dan

it's really going to be quite special and I hope you all can make it.

pass the word on to your friends

you can buy tickets in advance if you desire on the cafe du nord website and you can even grab dinner at the venue

now doesn't that sound like a barrel of naked oiled wrestlers (in yoursexual preference) ?


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Cielo opening up to the sinking orange sun
I'm halfway over the bridge
coming to you, fearing I'm late.
I look back at a rising almost full moon.
A crate filled ship on its way to the world.
Peddling its wears across the docks of the country,
and so many other countries.
Were lost to our space.
However different we spend our time
emotion is emotion
fear is fear
love is love
Warmth is warmth setting on the western horizon.
Sunday, February 24th
Cafe Du Nord
2170 Market Street
7pm doors open
show starts @ 7:30pm sharp & show music will be done by midnight.
w/ JJ Schultz Band
followed by: Oona Garthwaite, Fleeting Trance, and The Fancy Dan Band
21+ w/ ID $10 cover will get you into this excellent evening of music.
you may buy advance tickets @ www.cafedunord.com
The Cafe Du Nord is an excellent place to eat as well as drink and listen to music.
I hope you can make the show
Have a great Humpday and the rest of the week as well.