284, College W, 2nd floor
Toronto, Ontario

*** The 10 year birthday party of FLASH ***

FlashinTO Gathering v54.0 // Wed August 30
Venue: Resistor Gallery 284 College St. (west of spadina)

Time: 7:00 - 10:30
Cost: FREE!!!

Thats right, its the 10th anniversary of FLASH, and we are working on having some very cool things for this gathering. So stay tuned for details!

Presentation Schedule
  1. 8:00 - Brendan Lynch, Senior Interface Developer, BLAST RADIUS: Scalable/Scrollable Flash
  2. 8:30 -
    Kevin Towes, Prime Consultant, New Toronto Group

    Presentation: case study on how Flash and FMS allowed Spike TV to provide Audience interaction with the live Ultimate Fighting Championship Event live from Las Vegas on June 24th, 2006
  3. 9:00 - Tom Green, Educator & Author, Humber College

    Presentation: After Effects Track Mattes and Flash Video
  4. 10:00 - RETRO FLASH SHOWCASE - yes, that's right. seeing as Flash is now 10 years old, i thought i'd be fun to show some old (ie flash 5 or earlier)
    work from some of our members. I will start (seeing as most of my flash work is from back in the day) and will open the projector to anyone who'd like to show some of their older
    flash work! bring a USB key, a CD or DVD, or your URL and we'll have some fun!

oh yeah, did i mention we're giving a copy of STUDIO 8? ;)

  • Beers will be 1 buck
  • free pop and water
  • free pizza
  • free cake
  • 1 free copy of studio 8

um, yeah, its should be a good night ;)

additional prizing...

Official Website: http://www.flashinto.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3932

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I've posted some unofficial guidelines for tonight on my blog:

I’ve devised some unofficial “rules” (you can think of them as some unwritten guidelines for tonight’s festivities):

  • only Flash photography will be allowed

  • Music selection will be limited to the musical works of Grandmaster Flash, Flash. Bat, and Flash (particularly tracks featured of the album “In the Can”), and any other artist who has the word “flash” in his name

  • Clips from the old “Flash Gordon” serial will be projected on the main screen

  • Anyone who admits to having seen the 1997 film Flash and liked it will get a prize

  • somebody will incidentally flash someone

  • all Flash Lite-enabled cell phones will be illuminated with a flashlight

  • There will be copies of the Flash comic book available for reading at your leisure

  • A flash mob will spontaneously gather outside Resistor Gallery at 08:30:06 PM tonight (Aug. 30, 2006) and experience/discuss flashbacks

  • Flash memory will be the only type of digital storage media allowed in the vicinity. If someone has a digital storage device that does not use flash memory, the item must be publicly identified as such and held out

  • there will be a karaoke showdown to see who is able to sing the 1980 song “Flash” by Queen the best

  • At least two people will spend half the night competing for the title of the ultimate master of Flash Flash Revolution