Powell St x Market St
San Francisco, California

Now that the event is past, I'm removing the "Private" flag.

This Saturday some people are going to try to recreate Improv Everywhere's "freeze" in NYC's Grand Central Station.


How about we try something new? Show up with concealed feathers, and tickle the frozen people's faces until they move. Once they've moved, hand them a feather and recruit them to tickle others in turn.

Rules… ahem.

1. Be cool… No tickling with whips or buckets of water. That's not cool.
2. Spread this event to your friends, but don't email it indiscriminantly, we don't want the original flash mob to get wind of this until the event.
3. Enjoy yourself.

Hopeful I'll see you there.

Added by cookiecrook on February 19, 2008



What? No tickling with whips or buckets of water? No fun. :p

I have a bunch of errands to do this weekend, so I'm hoping I can get them done before this. I was already planning on going up for Faruk's dinner anyway. :)

@tripwire If I can go, want to carpool?


I think you're messing with an awesome event. I absolutely loved watching the video, and everyone's reactions in Grand Central Station.

Way to be a buzz kill.


I'm going to pretend seizure the whole time.


geez, Willo ... way to buzzkill our buzzkill. it's flippin' San Francisco, for pete's sake. isn't there a history of this kinda stuff? The 60's?! Zombies at Critical Mass?!

oh, well ... i'm off to go sulk in the corner with a feather, a whip and a bucket of water. :-P


Willo, all of the people we tickled were good natured about it, and most of them thought it was pretty funny. Out of the 30 or 40 people I tickled, I got more than half of them to move, and out of that group, I recruited about half to start tickling others. It was a blast. Pictures posted.


Oh well that's good. :) I thought they might get bummed/pissed you messed up their big act.

Glad ya'll had fun!