45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

Owen Priestley turned away from his typography work and walked outside to lean on the balcony. He sniffed at the cold night air. A sky bright with fireworks had attracted him, heralding the new year with a riot of noise and colour, and turning the snow covered square he gazed out over into an animated Jackson Pollock. The snow continued to fall, shrouding the scene in virgin vagary, as the Noughties - the first decade of the new century - drifted softly out of sight, like the smoke from the explosions.

His mobile buzzed in his pocket; a txt.


It came straight out of the past, from someone Owen had studied typography with decades before. He stared at the pixelated lettering of the terse message and mused upon the origins of its typeface. A century of modernist design had passed by, leaving this rough excuse for a sans serif at the end of it. Where had it come from, this typeface? The mobile provider? A swanky San Fran agency? The Bauhaus?

He stepped inside and pulled a heavy typographic volume from the shelf. Flicking through, the blizzard of glyphs and chars that swirled by brought back long-forgotten memories of art history lectures, late night research, technical drawing. He realised that typography itself was deeply embedded in his psyche, an essence of his very being. He must share this, he decided! He pulled his mobile out of his pocket and began composing a reply.

Just decided to give a talk! On the history of typography, 20th century design & the emergence of Modernism, from a broad perspective. Tues 19th Jan at 7pm, at The Werks. Wanna come? :) Owen

He absent-mindedly strolled back onto the balcony as he hit 'send'. Outside the fireworks were moving towards a crescendo, whilst an assault of Auld Lang Syne started up from the tone-deaf neighbours next door. Owen wasn't about to have a row on New Year's Eve, though. In the square outside a young couple left crisp footprints in the snow, as they embraced the beginning of a new decade.

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