Brighton Beach
Brighton, England BN1

The Flashians' mighty wooden ship came at length to rest on a shingle beach on the island of Britannica, and with one joyous bound Sebastian Ulysses alighted on the shore of his native land. Ulysses had wandered abroad through many-a strange and distant land - New York, Germany, Nantucket - but had returned after exactly ten long weeks, as prophesised by the Oracle at Reading. His trusted swineherd Richard Eumaeus met him on the shore and they embraced heartily.

'Ah Eumaeus, that you should have seen what I have seen! On a sinking ship a sailor yearns for those he can trust,' began Ulysses boldly. 'But we waste time, what news of my wife Penelope Summers?'

'My lord, many now attend her weekly at the court of FlashBrighton, and in their honour a great banquet is being thrown: a barbeque on the beach. It promises to be a very merry gathering.'

'My return to Britannica is not yet widely known, this occasion offers the chance to celebrate my happy return. What arrangements has Penelope made?'

'Everyone is to gather next Tuesday at 7pm by the West Pier. Those attending are told to bring meat, vegetable and breads to grill, and wine and beer with which to imbibe and carouse. And should the Gods cause the heavens to open in their anger, the throng will decamp to the nearby hostelry "The Forture of War".'

'But Eumaeus, this is most excellent news. Come, let us decamp to your shepherd's hut where I will tell of my adventures. It's like, you shudda these 'Siren' chicks in New York mate. Dey wuz well hot init...'

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