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Right, listen up and learn you lot: 'Scrum' is an iterative incremental process of agile software development. And you thought it was just a socially acceptable way for public school boys to grope each other in public. No way! Now geeks too can get in on a bit of that too. And you can learn how next Tuesday with FlashBrighton's Scrum "Extreme Hour".

Devi Lozdan - Web Producer at NCsoft and Agile Development guru - will be your scrum half for the evening. In there rucking and mauling, she'll be demonstrating some of the basic principles of Scrum, inlcuding user stories and Extreme Programming as we get loose, muddy and move that ball around.

It'll be a kind of roleplay, with some people playing "Stake Holders", some as "Developers/Designers" and some playing "QA". The idea is to build... well Devi "Gomarsall" Lozdan says she "usually does't reveal what the actual task is until the group comes together" so we shouldn't really reveal anymore than that except to say that it might involve plasticine and IT'LL BE ENORMOUS FUN AND YOU'LL LEARN, LIKE, JUST LOADS AND LOADS!!! As per. :)

Also: the rugby stuff is ONLY A METAPHOR. Please leave your studs at home!

Earn the usual by signing up for all the usual HERE AND NOW and get ready to swing your chariot low!

Official Website: http://www.flashbrighton.org/wordpress/?p=131

Added by rtf on June 14, 2008