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Ruby On Rails is a popular framework for building web applications.

But upon my soul, a knowledge of 'Ruby on Rails' - or, by the somewhat more unseemly monicker by which it goes amongst enthusiasts, 'RoR' - will indubitably make your digital labours considerably less fractious. Indeed, if you will permit me what i feel is a particularly illustrative metaphor, one might say it could act as the 'meat' for your Flash 'gravy'.

My friends, the undertaking to enlighten us on such a commodious topic as 'RoR' could only be undertaken by an fellow of great discernment and familiarity with the subject, and we are, as one, mightily pleased that we number amongst our ranks one such individual. We talk, of course, of that upstanding gentleman unmatched in his field, the captivating and adroit Mr. Jez Nicholson. Mr. Nicholson is a backstage technical expert for society games and maintains a keen amateur interest in cartography.

This empirical session is aimed at novices in the discipline of 'RoR', or 'newbies', as i believed they are referred to in the fashion of the day. Mr. Nicholson will dutifully instruct you in the rudiments of the language and convey the not inconsiderable pleasure he gains from his daily enterprise therein. Perhaps more fittingly, he also plans to demonstrate how 'RoR' can communicate with Flash, forming an auspicious union between these two great technologies.

Our flask is full to the brim, so come sup with Mr. Nicholson at the gentleman's club by signing up here, and allow us to add Webapp meat to your Flash gravy.

It won't be essential to join in, but if you'd like to give it a go then we will be using Rails 2.3.2 with Gem 1.3.1. It doesn't take long to install, but you should have it up-and-running before the night. A good way to install these on the Mac is by using macports http://macports.org/

Official Website: http://flashbrighton.org

Added by flashbrighton on July 15, 2009