45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

To all the ladies in the place, we're callin' to ya,
And all the fellas in the place, we bringin' it to ya,
Cos my name's Rich Dub, and SLD's from Merton,
And Jo Rock is rock so best not be flirtin'.
We always be codin', we always be real',
Cos technically, we're as hard as steel,

But one two, Oh My God, here we go,
Cos when we drop that shit it's a party-o.
A techie talk in December would be really lame,
So instead we gettin' fly wid' your retro games.
We be lightin' up The Werks wid' your retro games.

SLD be down wid' a Spectrum y'all,
And an N64 for your digital ball.

But wait, no, cos that's not all!
This ain't no hip hop chip shop, fool!

Brothers and sisters, this is a call,
For you to help us all out wid' this digital,
Retro games night on the ground floor,
Of The Werks in Hove. Please could you all,
Bring your own consoles, to swell the hoard,
Of machines we have, to play the full,
Spectrum of games, like Asteroids,
Tetris & Pong & Breakout and all,
The games you played back in '94.

Gather up your old games machines,
Bring 'em down The Werks for a yuletide treat,
And you be gettin' fly wid' the FB team.
Tues 8th of December, if you know what I mean?
7pm, just off Palmeira Green.

You gotta fight for your right to retro!

Official Website: http://flashbrighton.org

Added by flashbrighton on December 3, 2009