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Across Brighton, TV sets were turned on, as the second FlashBrighton debate began. Seb Cameron, Richard Brown and Jo Clegg stood manicured behind their lecturns, practicing their lines one last time. As the audience applaused faded, Niqui Dimbleby strode out.

'Good evening and welcome to the second leaders' debate. Today's discussion will deal with a subject close to our heart: our name itself. Our first question please?'

The screen filled with a close-up of a young woman with asymmetric hair and dumb, oversized glasses.

'Miss Styrio Tipe. Ms. Tipe is a geeky designer from Rottingdean. Your question Ms. Tipe?'

Looking down at a piece of paper in her lap, the young woman asked 'What would you rename FlashBrighton?'

Ms. Dimbleby turned back to the leaders. 'Mr. Cameron?'

'I'm glad you've asked me that Styrio. I'm passionate about FlashBrighton, I've always said that. But only 25% of last year's talks were about Flash. I think we need a new name, one that really reflects what we're about: Brighton's creative technology scene. Therefore I propose 'btn'. It could mean 'Brighton Technology Network', or 'Brighton', or even just 'button', with the interactivity that implies. I want to fix this broken group Styrio, and I really think 'btn' will do that.'

'Mr Cameron, thank you. Mr. Brown!'

'Look Styrio, Seb's right, we need change, but real creativity, not this dry '...network' name Seb wants. I want a name that really says 'Brighton! Creative! Technology!' and that's why I think '/brighton' is the name. Firstly it has Brighton in the name. Secondly it's a creatively tongue-in-cheek play on 'FlashBrighton'. And thirdly '/anything' refers to a folder, and therefore a digital collection. I want the group to have the best name it can, and that's clearly '/brighton'.

Mr. Brown released his lecturn, and Ms. Dimbleby ushered Mr. Clegg forward.

'Is this New Labour, Mr. Brown? No, it's the same old politics. These two want you to believe there are only two alternatives Styrio, but we need real change. We have many choices, like 'BrightPixel', 'PixelPushers', 'PixelPunks', 'pixelshifters', 'ByteBrighton', 'eventListeners', 'The Bit Crowd', 'dotBrighton', or even 'ROFL (Rectangle Of Flashing Lights)'. Or a coalition of ideas, like '/btn' say. This is a real chance for change, the people of FlashBrighton should seize it with both hands.'

The camera cut back to Ms. Dimbleby.

'You've heard the arguments, now it's your turn to vote. The proposed names will be published on the FlashBrighton mailing list on Saturday evening, at which point the ballot will be open until we reconvene at The Werks at 7pm on Tuesday 20th July. Don't forget to cast your vote! We'll go to our second question. Mr. Matt Sayers!'

'Isn't it your round, Brown?'

Mr. Brown smiled awkwardly, and made a mental note of the man's face.

Official Website: http://flashbrighton.org

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