49 Cheltenham Place
Brighton, England BN1 4AB

Mr. Pludek walked into the garden through Main Entrance B13 and was immediately met by a man with a clipboard.

'Good evening Mr. Pludek, my name is Sebastian Kalabis and I am the head of the developmental arm of the FlashBrighton Liquidation Under-Secretariat Hierarchy, or F.L.U.S.H for short. Please sign here, thank you. Here are your lanyards, please wear them at all times. The red one grants you access to the ActionScript3 Subcommittee, where the future role Flash plays at FlashBrighton will be debated. The orange one guarantees you a seat on the Privy-Legislature for Descriptivist Cleansing, which has the mandate to actively pursue new liquidation methods for the name FlashBrighton itself. Finally the green lanyard gives you voting rights on the Days Commission, a temporary body with powers invested in the Committee of the Administrative Board which is conducting research into which weekday is best suited to the task of presenting our various findings, quite as we speak.'

Pludek scratched his head and looked at the ground.

'Do you mean we're rebranding FlashBrighton and moving it to a different day of the week?'

'Mr. Pludek, you make it sound so simple! But this is all very much up for discussion still, we are debating these, and other pressing matters, in Large Meeting Room A at The Skiff on Tuesday 14th July. Discussions will start at 7pm precisely and run sequentially. I can give you a handout detailing these matters that Section 5 drew up today at the pre-launch breakfast briefing if you like?'

Pludek raised both palms defensively.

'No, no, that's OK Mr. Kalabis really, thank you. I will see you next Tuesday, we can discuss these things then I'm sure.'

Official Website: http://flashbrighton.org

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