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Pinch, punch, first Tuesday of the month and that can only mean one thing: it's Projects Night at FlashBrighton: the monthly parade of members work. Its like May Day twelve times a year!

This fourth Projects Night promises to be a special double-header of projected projections.

First up, FlashBrighton's longstanding flagship 'Robot Wars' project is coming to some sort of fruition and that means game on! Roll up folks, it's time to fight! The lights are on, the fans are in their seats, the ref has mike in hand; all that remains is for YOU get all Prince Nassim on our *ss, bring your bad-*ss bot to the arena and wipe the floor with the rest of the sorry competition.

Er, we think so anyway. Putting it a little more prosaically, the game's pretty much ready and Joe 'Lego' Chung will along to tell us what we need to do to build our own bots and let them fight to the death. It's be hands on, code 'em and go, so be sure to bring your laptops down and get your retaliation in first!

Secondly, Sussex Uni's giant of genetics algorithm Ollie Glass and our own clown of copywriting Rich 'Yours-Truly' Willis have been talking about doing... well, what? A game of some sort but worrying away at the edge of what games and play and psychology and art and God-knows-what-else are and coming up with some sort of hybrid - hopefully intriguing, possibly pretty whacko - idea. And putting it into practice.

That's all very vague at the moment and it'll take some discussion to decide on what it will become and we encourage anyone interested in shaping that discussion and/or taking part to come down. To put it euphemistically, we imagine it'll be reasonably informal. :)

The end of one thing, the start of another. Its like spring, summer, autumn and winter all wrapped up in one evening for free, what a deal! Don't be a dope, reg' here now and we'll see you soon.

Official Website: http://www.flashbrighton.org/wordpress/?p=155

Added by flashbrighton on July 31, 2008