45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

Seb held the clipboard firmly in his left hand and crisply addressed the group.

'OK team, great to see you all again' he beamed. 'Let's all gather round, pull our chairs into a circle... that's it! Ooh, careful Niqui, you nearly bumped poor Owen there! We wouldn't want 'Health & Safety' coming in and ruining the party now would we?'

Everyone squirmed uncomfortably in their sweaty plastic seats. Jo's shoulders slumped. Neil leant back and crossed his arms, squeaking his chair against the laminate. Luke trudged in with a plate of economy rich teas and a pot of PG.

'Thanks Luke, nothing like tea and biscuits, eh? Now, I can see we've got a lot of talented people here today, so who'd like to 'kick us off', as it were, ha-ha-ha?'

Richard coughed. Jamie fidgeted. Matt wondered whether they might 'continue this discussion in the pub'. Then, coyly raising a hand, Alison said 'I... I've got a website. I could show you that?'

'Well Alison' said Seb brightly 'that would be just fab! And as we're all showing such enthusiasm today let's reward that. I want show some stuff I've been working recently, such as the BBC's Big and Small, games for Cartoon Network & Blue Peter, iwillpayyourparkingticket and... God, just loads of great stuff! And of course if anyone wants to get all "impromptu" and present something unannounced on the night, they'd be super-super welcome to, as always. It's all about 'maximising your potential', eh?' Charis visibly bristled.

'Right, so, Project Nights IV will be on Tuesday September 1st, 7pm at the Werks with Alison, myself - and anyone else who wants to join in the crazy fun - presenting. Troops... DISMISSED!' snapped Seb, and saluted like Arnold Rimmer.

Matt snuck out and made a beeline for the bar...

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