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Pinch, punch, the first Tuesday of the month and that means it's time for our monthly Projects Night jamboree, where we chuck out the superstars and our root-and-branch membership take charge of the asylum, as they showcase their latest personal projects. Comrades, friends, Vista-users: shake off those oppressive shackles and come eat from the communal soup kitchen of creativity that is FlashBrighton's Projects Night part deux.

Once again - back with the inevitable - Joe "Lego-My-Bot" Chung is back to keep us up to date with progress in the AS3 RobotWars project. Apparently that's going to have a, shall we say, 'collisionary' theme, amongst other things.

Then we've got some MORE geeks over from Sussex University for a change. Jo "You-Know" Summers, Dan "You-Might-Not-Know" Hodgkins and Ellie "No-Surname-Given" are experimenting with a Flash Platform game where some stupid king goes to retrieve some lousy elephant and - would you believe it? - gets in a spot of bother enroute. What fun! Our regal hero will have overcome smoke, gore and all manner of other beastly obstacles to liberate the poor, pallid pachyderm with only hitTestObject, hitTestPoint and the URL to Keith Peter's blog to help him out. Will he make it, or will he be massacred by an angry mob of Spritely proles?

For the answer to that question, or maybe just an explanation as to what it actually means, you just need come along and see what delightful fun Joe, Jo, Dan & Ellie have been having these past few weeks. Register here now to ensure both your place and your fair share of FlashBrighton raffle tickets.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Official Website: http://www.flashbrighton.org/wordpress/?p=124

Added by rtf on May 29, 2008