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FlashBrighton's members and their enthusiasm for volunteer projects are its lifeblood. We're so proud of these shining stars that we've decided to give them ONE WHOLE SESSION A MONTH EVERY MONTH to keep up us all up-to-date. The first session of every month is now given over to discussions, presentations and all-things-great about the various projects our members are running and as next Tuesday is the 6th of May... well, I'm sure you can do the math. Tuesday 6th May is the first of many sure-to-be-awesome-you-damn-betcha FlashBrighton "Project Nights".

So, what we dun got? Well, first and definitely foremost is Joe "LegoJoe" Chung's insane "Robot Wars" quest. What can we say about it that we haven't already said? Not much, especially considering that we'll almost certainly be writing about it again real soon - like, I dunno, the first session in June, maybe... and July... and... yeah, you get the picture - so we better not waste all our entertaining hyperbole on it here. If you HAVE been holed up in darkest Penge for the past few months and have no idea of what we're wittering on about, you can catch up with developments here, here and here. Joe will be in attendance to bring us up to date with all the late nights he's had up with it recently and, no doubt, a record of all the Red Bull™ he's got through. Come along for the count, do.

Secondly, you can have a good old gander at all the smashing bits and pieces that have come out of the somewhat less geeky "Dictionaryville" project too. Again, if you wanna catch up on what that is, try this exciting link. Less Red Bull™, less ActionScript too probably, certainly a lot less collision detection but a lot more Chinese WWII P.O.W. admin forms, we can guarantee you that.

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