45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

It was a cold night in Preston Park, but nothing would dampen the spirits of the multitude that had travelled to be there. Anticipation was high as the cry of 'LEE DE LISLE, LEE DE LISLE' ran through the crowd. Backstage Vice President-elect Joe Summers nudged her running mate in the back, whispering 'Come on Seb, get out there and give them what they want.' Straighting his tie in the mirror, Sebastian smiled back at Joe's reflection, turned, and advanced onto the platform.

As the President-elect emerged into the spotlights, the noise level around the park rose until it felt like the very sky was about to crack. In a gesture of well rehearsed humility, Sebastian rode the wave, smiling, waving left and right, for a full five minutes. Only when the volume began to drop, did he approach the mike to address the adoring throng.

'My fellow FlashBrightonians, I am truly humbled by your warm reception, and the backing you have given this group. This is your victory.' The park exploded once more. Palms down, chin up, Sebastian feigned a plea for silence. A hush slowly descended.

'We have already achieved much. These past five years we have shown the greatest speakers, presented the most fascinating topics, and hosted the finest Big Screen Bonanzas. We achieved this together, and we take the greatest pride in that achievement. But our work is not done. Tonight marks a key turning point. For the first time in history weeks of underinvestment have left our calendar empty, and we stand on the brink of the greatest crisis in Big Screen Bonanza history. If we are to remain strong we cannot allow these to divisions to proliferate. My friends, the road ahead is hard. I can do much, but no one man can triumph alone. Therefore I stand before you tonight to humbly request your help in this great task.'

'Next Tuesday evening, at 7PM, I call upon you to attend our FlashBrighton Planning Meeting at The Werks in Hove, to help fill the gaps in the schedule and discuss the Big Screen Bonanza planned for December. Can we do it? I think you know the answer. Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the United Group of FlashBrighton.'

Seb stood away from the microphone and waved. The crowd erupted in celebration, as Jenny Lee-Delisle and Joe Summers emerged waving on the platform behind him.

Official Website: http://flashbrighton.org

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