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Once a month FlashBrighton opens up the floor to all and sundry; the schedule is unceremoniously thrown out as the medics step aside and let the lunatics run the asylum for the night. That's right, our 'Open Nights' allow FlashBrighton members and other members of the great unwashed to wow us with their pet projects, hilarious hobbies and interesting ideas.

Being our first meeting in December, 'Open Night part deux' is a good an excuse to discuss, plan and generally get excited about the many fab Christmassy things FlashBrighton has got lined up over the festive period. There's the FlashBrighton Christmas party and pub quiz on the 18th but first and foremost is the brilliant 'Big Screen Bonanza' on the 11th. It's gonna be one of the biggest nights FlashBrighton has ever arranged and as such we encourage you all to come along next Tuesday and join in the fun, yay!

Plus, 'Open Night' wouldn't be 'Open Night' without member projects, so next week there's the possibility to look at Paul Hayes' new flash client for MPD, which controls music playing daemons using flash sockets, and the techniques behind Seb's infamous Glowstick Voting system.

But mostly, come along because it's 'Open Night': your opportunity to take centre stage at FlashBrighton with whatever whacko, half-baked nonsense you care to punt. :)

Registration is open here right now!

Official Website: http://www.flashbrighton.org/wordpress/?p=196

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sorry couldn't make it got home to late. see you next week though .CJ