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Objects? Encapsulation, data-abstraction, the importance of interface, dynamic/late binding and modular programming. That what we talking about, not just stuff lying around your house. And 101, what's that? A room? A quantity of dalmations? The emergency telephone number in Belgium? Well, yes, all those things and more but what we mean by it is "learning at the 101 (i.e., introductory) level".

We're lucky in Brighton to have waaay loads of a-list geeks around. Even without the usual headline stars though there are plenty of other super-smart-cookies to to call upon for help, none with more knowledge and authority than FlashBrighton and FlexibleFactory's own doyens of Object Orientation Tom Kennett and Chris Sperry.

That's right kids, comedy cartoon celebs and ubergeeks extraordinaire Tom and Sperry are orienting the object by the horns at FlashBrighton next week. As well as hunting for cheese, getting hit by brooms and being squashed flat against the stairs by the refridgerator they'll also be looking at reducing complexity in code and how design patterns can aid that goal. They'll look into the most prevalent design pattern in AS3, event driven programming, and how the use of events can reduce the dependencies and complexity of code.

Just like you [probly] over at Flexible Factory Tom and Sperry write a lot of code but are forgetful and lazy too, and they know how Object Oriented Design can help them stay like this but still create large, complex systems without getting in a tangle.

So don't be like Tom and have Miss Mammy Two Shoes after you with the broom for being a loser. Be like Sperry instead: avoid the mousetraps in your code and make off with the cheese by REGISTERING FOR THE FOR THE OBJECTS 101 MASTERCLASS RIGHT NOW.

Official Website: http://www.flashbrighton.org/wordpress/?p=141

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Unfortunately me and Joe won;t be able to attend this weeks FloJo. The workload on our title has become pretty heavy and we're pulling hours wherever we can; however we'll make sure we come by next week/week after and we'll bring the game along aswell as it should be pretty much finished by then!

BTW Both Plug-in Media and the FlashBrighton community have been credited on the game as a thanks for all the support! :)

Have a gooden,



ive not done this before, ive clicked "im going" is that all i have to do?