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Motor2 is 2D physic engine spun-off from Box2D, written from the ground up in AS3
Alistair Macdonald stormed into the dressing room, tie swinging. 'Listen ye cretins' he roared 'a fitba pitch is flat, not fuckin' 3D. Ay've told ye a mil'yun times, PLAY THE BALL ON THE FUCKIN' GROUND!' His raw Glaswegian accent ripped through the room. The star striker Seb Lee-Delisle looked down at his muddy boots and smirked. 'Ay ye, aye don't care how much the fans adore ye Delisle, ay'm the fuckin' boss 'ere and fitba is played on a 2D surface. Now look at this!'

He thumped the whiteboard. A series of arrows and circles had been hastily drawn up with a dry-wipe. 'This is the Motor2 Physics system for AS3 an' ay'm gonna drill it into yee'z thick skulls. It's an improvement on the old Box2D system and focuses on shapes, rigid bodies, joints, forces an' collisions, an' lets me know if yee'z are standing on the floor in a game or flying through the air, like a bunch of fuckin' fairies.'

He privately savoured the now rapt attention of the gently steaming room. He wiped the board clean with his forearm and began crudely sketching a new formation.

'Aye, that's the first half. Once ye lads understand the Motor2 system we'll put it into practice, but as we're not exactly blessed with any Nobel fuckin' Laureates here we'll take it nice and slow, eh? We'll stick to the Box2D stuff we already know. So, in the second half, ay'm going to show ye the Box2D game ay'm working on, using a physics library to get round the Flash player's limitations'. At the back on the room Flash hung his head. He was the longest serving player on the team and, like everyone else, knew that he had lost a yard of pace over the years.

'Right, on Tuesday September 15th 7pm, yee'z lot get out there. Ye better score Delisle, an' no kissing of the badge, or I'll bench ye for three games, get me?'

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