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Change of session : Microphone input and Flash audio

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately Tim can no longer make tonight's session, but thankfully
as I'm passing through Brighton as I move between LA and Stuttgart,
I'm gonna cover!

I've been playing with the new microphone input capabilities of Flash,
so I'll be showing you exactly how to access this data to create a
multi-track recorder.

But before that, I'll give you a quick explanation of how audio mixing
works, and how to mix live audio tracks in Flash, using dynamic sound

Should be fun!


Tim Jobs strode out onto the darkened stage dressed in his trademark grey polo neck. The soft murmur of anticipation was replaced by whoops & applause as the iconic Apple&Gate logo appeared on the screen behind him. As the noise slowly died away he began his address.

'I've been looking forward to today. We've been working on an incredible new experience. It's a real game changer, let me show you. BOOM!'

He pressed a small handheld device and walked to the side of the stage. The noise in the hall started to rise. The rotating armature of a 3D character replaced the logo onscreen. A texture map wrapped itself around the armature as it continued to spin. The final piece of texture - the character's face - coincided with the rotation ending, and the character walking across the screen. Wild applause broke out as Jobs strode back into the limelight.

'Isn't that awesome? We did that with Blender, and it's now very simple to import that character into programs like Unity3D,' he said, looking up at a rapt auditorium. 'We want that demonstration to sink in for a while, so stick the Apple Mac in the car park, then join me at The Werks in Hove at 7pm on Tuesday 4th of May, and I'll show you how.'

Cat calls & cheering accompanied Jobs' exit from the stage, as the crowd savoured the Blender character animation demo to come.

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