45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

Mario Klingemann is a true wizard of Flash! And he’s coming all the way from Munich JUST FOR YOU!!!

With but a deft sweep of his fingers across the keyboard, he can dazzle and amaze you with fiendish acts of ActionScript that will leave you dumbstruck.

What devilry is this, you ask, is he man or magician? How can Mario the Marvellous achieve the miracles he does, conjuring dynamic pattern recognition from video streams, bewitching api mashups and complex particle systems in "140 characters or less"? And what does he have hidden up his sleeve next? Will he cut Aral Balkan in half, escape from a secure Flex app, or make Silverlight disappear in a puff of simulated smoke?

Roll up, roll up everyone, because next week this prodigy of prestidigitation is coming to Brighton just for FlashBrighton to perform amazing feats of code magic before your very eyes. With nothing but a laptop to aid him Mario will hypnotise Flash and induce it to execute functions you never thought it possible of. Prepare to be flabberghasted as Mario opens his tinkerer's box of tricks, intones from his book of digital spells and rouses the very spirit of the Flash Player.

Mario is no comedy hypnotist, when you wake up you'll be able to cast Flash spells like him. Come along to The Werks next Tuesday and after the show you'll be amazing people with your ActionScript voodoo too.


Official Website: http://flashbrighton.org

Added by flashbrighton on May 5, 2009