45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

Tim Vaughan and Alison G. Ballard stood on the motorway bridge and watched the traffic below. The view mentally took them to a crash site. The image of their car, sliced into shards, tearing through the soft upholstery of Elizabeth Taylor's limosine, as it struck the limo's nearside front wheel arch and shattered the windscreen, was familiar to them now. Their Shepperton design studio was plastered with projections they had calculated with a piece of 3D software called Blender.

Blender was the first open source 3D suite available for all operating systems. Obsessed with the fetish of technological union with the film star, they had spent so long planning the accident they had become Blender experts.

Tim had worked out the program's interface, workspace & workflow. He knew how to set cameras & lights, to rig an armature, and how to animate. Alison had studied modelling techniques, UV mapping, particle systems, dupliverts. Their combined knowledge was such that they could render 3D simulations of almost anything, such as a limo cruising down the M25.

They stepped into their car and drove off. They had decided to demonstrate their expertise with Blender at The Werks on Tuesday 2nd of March at 7pm and needed time to prepare. Looking into the mirror in silence, Vaughan pulled out and was lost amongst the rush hour traffic.

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