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David de Worde strode into the press room of the Ankh-Morpork Times. 'Goodmountain,' he bellowed at the dwarf who controlled the digital press 'I have a story to dictate.' Goodmountain nodded, and sat down at the keyboard.

'GRANT SKINNER RESCUES ASDOC - that's the headline. Adobe's ASDoc has emerged from the Command-Line age through the bold actions of Flash Developer Grant Skinner. Adobe's documentation tool "ASDoc" only runs from the command line, but Skinner "skinned" it by creating "ASDocr", a simpler graphical interface.'

Bamboozled by the unbridled enthusiasm with which de Worde was promoting this esoteric - if doubtless fascinating - topic, the dwarves on the subbing team subconsciously released their grip on their e-rats to listen in. The e-rats emitted a collective digitised squeak as, scenting freedom for the fourth time that morning, they yanked their tails from the sockets and swarmed through a hole into the server room. Goodmountain audibly sighed as the last of them disappeared. Equally mystified, sub-editor Sacharissa looked up from her 'WEREWOLF IN MOLE STATION NURSERY DRAMA' story, in which she was trying to spell an interviewee's laugh, and asked 'David, what in Discworld are you on about?'

'It's news to you, but I use ASDoc to generate docs for our Flash and Flex APIs. It's great, but hard to use, and ASDocr really simplifies it. I want you all to come to The Werks next Tuesday at 7pm so I can show you why ASDoc is good, and ASDocr is great.'

Goodmountain was on his knees, peering down the hole after the rats. 'We'll be there, just as long as we can get these dratted e-rats back,' he said, scraping around inside with the shaft of his axe.

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ed dickins

so...is this going to be about ASDocs then?