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Branden Alice came across a clearing in which a tea party was taking place. A Mad Hatter and the March Hare were perched at the end of a long table. In-between them sat a sleeping Dormouse, whom they used as a cushion, as they talked to each other over his head. The table was covered in long AS3 classes, boring Flex apps, and heavy technical manuals. Alice sat down at the far end.

'Have some fun,' said the Hare invitingly.

'I don't see any fun,' Alice remarked, peering around the table.

'There isn't any fun, hasn't been any since Adobe created AS3,' said the Hare.

'Would you like some Hype?' said the Hatter, holding up an enormous teapot.

'I should like to know what it is first,' demanded Alice.

'It's a framework that simplifies the AS3 API, letting you play with Flash whilst writing solid, clean code,' said the Hatter.

'Boring AS3 goes into this pot, and fun Hype comes out, because learning should be fun,' said the Hare. The Hatter poured Alice a cup.

'There's nothing in here,' said Alice indignantly.

'It takes time to pour. According to my pocket watch, your cup of Hype will be ready on Tuesday 23rd March at 7pm at The Werks. Make sure you're there to receive it.'

The Dormouse suddenly awoke. 'I've got fur in my kettle and a film on my tea' he spluttered.

'You've got fur on your back and a film at the cinema,' Alice corrected him. 'But I wouldn't bother seeing it, it's not a patch on Edward Scissorhands.'

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