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"Design Patterns" are common solutions to recurring problems in software design. A knowledge of Design Patterns will save you hours of time, bugfixing hell and frustrated clients. Perhaps you know this already, perhaps you've already planned your Strategy pattern, gone a coupla rounds with the Flyweight pattern and been KO'ed by the one, the only, heavyweight champion of the geek argument, the Singleton pattern. Nevertheless, for wearied campaigner and eager rookie alike there are always more combinations and angles to master and we've got just the team in our corner that can have you back in and swinging in no time.

On the bill next Tuesday we've got a big-hitting "Design Patterns" double-header of Madison Square Garden proportions for y'all!

First up: Super Flyweight and amateur historian Richard Willis is gonna surprise you with some "Design Patterns" history. The "Gang of Four" book that launched "Design Patterns" in software went to press 14 years ago but "Design Patterns" themselves are much older, 31 years old, and we'll travel back to 1977 to see how they started and how that knowledge can help us today. Expect photos of street markets, pensioners, compost and churches.

Then, topping the bill, Brighton's own undisputed heavyweight champions of geek Tom Kennett and Chris Sperry will show us a concrete example of how "Design Patterns" help us by highlighting a specific pattern implementation in ActionScript3: that of the AS3 Events Model. This after multiple requests for them to expand upon it following their popular Objects 101 talk at FlashBrighton earlier this year.

It's a quick 1-2 that's gonna knock you out. Seconds out, round 1: get ready to fight by registering here right now!

Official Website: http://www.flashbrighton.org/wordpress/?p=190

Added by flashbrighton on November 5, 2008