Black Lion Street
Brighton, England

Y'know, programming on your own is fun and programming in pairs is just fantastic but programming in a big geeky circle is JUST AWESOME, the true craggy peak of binary-orientated merriment. And, happily, still legal in most countries. And y'know it's weird cos it's been, like, just aaaagggees since we've done it: all sat round in a circle on cheap plastic chairs in a kinda coffee-morning-mothers-n-toddlers-focus-group type arrangement with a nice hot cup of tea and hacked the holy-bejesus out of an ancient console game. What ARE we thinking, let's get it awhn and FLOJO!!! It's a true group effort: one computer, a single objective, a buncha geeks all in a circle and every five minutes a new coder in the hot seat. Well, the lukewarm seat really, it's hardly MasterMind or anything. As they say in progressive marketing circles:

"All levels of ability are welcome"

Come on kids, like the winter, the waiting is OVER! ActionScript Group Programming Session a-go-go! 'Time to flo your jo, or jo your flo or loco your mojo or paco your rabanne or whatever. God, I dunno what you call it, I just know it's time to get back on the board!

The keyboard that is; I appreciate that it's hard to tear yourself away from charlieplexing your Arduino but there are other things in the world to do. Responsibilities guys, come on. I mean, have a look at this little thing I got here. It's a cute little Flash Pong game that we left over-wintering in the darkness at the back of the shed. Anyone remember it? No? To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't, so little attention has the poor thing received these past few months. We were all so excited about it once, so intent on group-programming it's basic little interface. What happened to those far off, care - not-to-mention hardware - free days? When did we lose our over-pixelised, two-tone innocence?

Look, we all need a bit of attention now and then, a bit of love and care. If we don't get it we can get a bit... well, a bit smelly to honest, phewy! This here Pong here it... yeah, it's not exactly the nicest thing around here at the moment. But it's not it's own fault, it's just been a bit neglected that's all. So come on everyone, let's show little Pongy that we care, let's get together next Tuesday and clean him up. Let's - in short - FLOJO!

Like last week's wires-all-over-the-shop hardware m'wash up we'll need a little more space than usual to perform this majik trik on little Pongy so numbers will again be curbed, this time to the PRACTICALLY DESPOTIC limit of just 10, so book early and make sure you get a place! Run to get one! Scramble contemptibly over others to get one! Kill your best frie... actually scrub that - it's good but not THAT good - but do make sure you get one.

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Added by rtf on March 20, 2008