45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

Roll up, roll up for the one and only FlashBrighton Geek Garage sale.
Grab yourself a bargain with rumours of items like a PS2 guitar controller for £4, an epson printer for £8, wireless router for just £3!!! As well as a multitude of books, computers, games and other geeky objects.

If you want to bring along things to sell, swap or simply give away, please comment below and we'll make sure that we keep a space for you. And as the idea behind this is to declutter and recycle, price stuff to sell quickly, so no greediness please!

There is no charge for selling, but you may consider donating some of your takings to the Werks or FlashBrighton funds!

If you want to come along to buy, please register as attending so we know how many to expect!

Added by flashbrighton on May 14, 2009


Paul Hayes

3x ADSL filters 20p each

Laptop 2.5" harddrive usb caddy, £2

3.5" hardrive usb caddy, £1

Athlon Sepron 3000+ processor Not sure what socket. £3 Pounds
Classic Bigfoot 5" 1/4 1GB hard drive. Perfect working order, amaze your family £1

PCMCIA CD-ROM Drive, missing 12v power supply. £2

Paul Hayes

Oh and an amazing 4 player electrocution game, £2
free demonstration!


I have loads of stuff to sell, a couple of Dell PCs, a white G4 iBook, woodgrain atari console, zx spectrum, 80s handheld games, PS2 games, DS games, PS2 controllers, guitar hero guitars, and loads LOADs more. I will be pricing these to sell quickly!


oh and it's me selling the epson printer for £8 and the wireless router for £3! PS2 guitar controller for £4 and a wireless one for £12.


I'm bringing a load of technical books from microprocessors, engineering maths, bunch of java books a rails book.

as seb said, I will also be pricing these to sell quickly

Paul Hayes

Oh a 17" lcd monitor with built in tv tuner. £10
+dvd player £3

Simon Wibberley

I've got a 1Ghz 512MB G4 tower, priced to be gotten rid of.

I'll try to drag it along... but I don't think it will fit in my handbag...


- modem/router
- playstation 1
- webcam
- tv card
- nokia N70 mobile
- AMD AM2 motherboard
- mini pool table
- popcorn maker!


[ Could I just say - whoever made the poster above is a genius :)
Ellen ]


Books fo' Sale tonight (no mates rates here I'm afraid - these books are just too new and well loved!)

Programming PIC Robot Microcontrollers (+CD): £8
WROX Professional Ajax: £10
New Masters of Flash (+CD): £8
Digital Illustration (Lawrence Zeegen): £8
Reinventing Music Video (Matt Hanson): £8


Thank you for the opportunity to dispense with various things that I haven't touched for several house moves. For the lucky punters, I'll be bringing:

* Old Skool, once hi-tech, Aiwa "Walkman" personal cassette player (with wired "remote")
* Sony mini-disc Discman
* Technics hi-fi amp
* Scan converter (a box to convert the VGA-out port on a computer to various TV and video formats), incl lots of video cables
* CD-Rom printer (prints directly onto CD-Rom discs - for that custom, professional touch)
* 2x 3.5" hard disk drives, in USB caddies
* A little travel alarm clock

Prices yet to be determined.
All (or at least, most) proceeds donated to The Werks


Met some cool people and grabbed a few bargains - thanks all!