45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

Richard Lord-Poirot stepped into the Edwardian sitting room, to discover that all the frameworks had arrived, as per his instructions. Together they represented the finest Flash Application Frameworks the world currently had to offer. Louis PureMVC paced about agitatedly. Miss Stephanie Mate was lounging on the chaise lounge, being served a gin & tonic by Robotlegs the butler. Fergus Cairngorm and Dr. Isabella Swiz sat stony faced on the couch, whilst the Reverend Parsley sat alone in an elegantly carved wooden chair, delicately sipping from a china teacup.

'Lord-Poirot, at last!' exclaimed Louis PureMVC, his broad midwest accent reverberating off the walls. 'What the hell are we doing here, dammit?'

'Indeed Mr. PureMVC, why are we here?' Lord-Poirot tapped his temple. 'Because of zee little grey cells, no?' He smiled stiffly and stepped over to the fireplace, from where he could see the whole room more clearly.

Looking at each of the frameworks in turn, he said 'Zee project zat we are focusing on requires only one of you, but which of you will be best suited to dee job? It is zee task of Lord-Poirot to investigate and reveal zee answer to zeez curious question.' He looked down and began circling the room, hands behind his back.

'For a long time now, Lord-Poirot has been looking at zee core architecture behind each of you. Your 'good' and 'bad' features, no? I have been studying closely how you handle zee events, and zee dependencies. Zee different philosophies zat drive each of you on, and I will explain to you why good Flash or Flex developers should study you closely, as closely as Lord-Poirot has.'

He paused behind Stephanie Mate, and twirled his pencil moustache. Brooding under heavy eyebrows, Fergus Cairngorm asked in his thick Highland brogue 'Let’s trash the murder mystery weekend. What are you suggesting Lord-Poirot?'

'Just zeez Mr. Cairngorm: as you are all so interested in architecture, frameworks, and design patterns, I suggest you meet me again at Zee Werks in Hove at 7pm on Tuesday zee first of December to discuss zeez further. Zair I will show you what I know about you all.'

Smiling primly Lord-Poirot said 'Ladies, Gentlemen: until next Tuesday' and, bowing slightly, turned, and left them to their amusements.

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