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Frameworks: what the hell are they? Supposedly they’re, like, logical plans and patterns you use to structure your code in a sensible way so that your development process is scalable, agile, robust… but like, what does all that abstract talk actually MEAN? Do you just, uh, put your IInput in, your IOutput out, coordinate your Strategy pattern and shake it all about? Or… what?

See, this whole RIA object-orientated application architecture, uh, rich, um, development leaves my head in a spin sometimes, and I haven’t had time to write a BrainSpinManager class that will cool it all down. I’m still recovering from counting all of lymnaea stagnalis’s 20,000 neurons, let alone thinking about the best way my Model can talk to my View or what the hell to blazes my Controller actually does when’s its at home. Or even when it’s away with “der fairies an der leprechauns, to be sure”, come to think of it.

But no matter, cos here come two dashing cavalry officers of Framework development to clear the whole thing up and help us ALLLLLL out, hurrah! Our own favorite US export Chris Korhonen and PureMVC maestro Neil Manuell ride to the rescue with a double-headed session about: Frameworks. A couple of hours in their robust, well-structured company and you’ll be the talk of RIAville.

Christopher - our man from some-company-or-other, not sure which - will kick the evening off talking about some of the concepts behind frameworks and core design patterns such as MVC. He’ll tell you how and why they can make application development quicker, easier, simpler and cheaper! As part of this he’ll revisit, review, criticise and appraise some £5 app type frameworks he’s developed in the past. Then, after the half-time oranges, Neil is gonna run you through what is quickly becoming one of the most if not theeee most popular free one-size-fits-all open source AS3 frameworks the global-hyper-web has to offer: PureMVC, the “lightweight framework for creating applications in ActionScript 3, based upon the classic Model-View-Controller design meta-pattern.” Like, architecture-tastic dude!

Basically, if you develop flash apps, these guys are gonna make your job 107% muchly better! Sign up for MVCIA2BBCTV fun NOW! SPACES ARE LIMITED, please register here as attending to ensure your space.

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Added by rtf on February 15, 2008