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A team of coders, each spending 5 minutes in turn at the keyboard contributing to a single project; that is your classic 'Coding Dojo' format and it's loads of fun. We've been using it for years here at FlashBrighton. We've been innovating the format too - changing this and altering that - and in that proud tradition we've only gone and done it again! That's right, having taken the Dojo and turned it into the Flojo, we now give you the... FLEXO!

That's right everyone, Flex Dojo is Gojo!

The 'Flexo' is a coding dojo using Abode Flex, a part of the Adobe suite that we could all benefit from knowing more about. We think that these things are best learned on-the-job, and we reckon a Flexo is an excellent way of doing that. You might be a Flex expert or a true novice, it doesn't matter, the Flexo has something to offer anyone who wants to know more about Flex.

Every dojo needs it's own project. FlashBrightonians might remember the game of Pong that we created together. It took a while, but it was a memorable and fun journey. Whilst it's obviously an awesome game, Pong doesn't really suit Flex - and we've already done that anyway - so we've got something a bit more appropriate to concentrate on this time. We're gonna make a blog aggregator to display the various fascinating FlashBrighton member's blogs posts.

It will take as long as it takes. We start next Tuesday. Come along.

Places are limited to 12, so be quick!


Official Website: http://www.flashbrighton.org/wordpress/?p=191

Added by flashbrighton on November 12, 2008