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'Case you pommies don't know this Tuesday is FlashBrighton's annual beach barbie. S'no drama, we do it every year. Reckon we'll just get a few coldies, some mystery bags and some avos - or whatever it is you vejjos like to eat - and head down the beach to catch the rays and let the amber flow.

Mate, that's not all. We'll also be drawing our bi-annual raffle, to win a copy of Adobe CS4. Seriously mate, London to a brick: we're giving away a copy of Adobe CS4. As long as you've been to FlashBrighton at least once in the last six months or presented a session or something you'll have qualified for some tickets. But if you don't turn up and your name gets pulled, you won't win nothing (altho if you deffo can't make it, you can nominate a cobber as a stand in)*.

Every day is 'Australia Day' at FlashBrighton, so grab a slab and whatever tucker you fancy and come on down. Tuesday 30th June, roundabout the West Pier, 7pm onwards. We'll pull the raffle sometime after 8pm eh, turn up whenever.


* - The use of the double negative 'won't win nothing' has been included in order to maintain the authenticity of the piece's Australian colloquial style. This does not however indicate that your non-attendance 'will' win you 'something'. Assuming you name gets pulled from the hat, in order to claim your prize you will be required to attend in person or, as indicated in the official text, nominate someone in advance to act as your 'stand-in' on the official FlashBrighton mailing list prior to your arrival at the event.

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