Brighton Beach
Brighton, England BN1

Next Tuesday it's the annual FlashBrighton barbie on the beach. What more do you need to know? It's a barbeque, on the beach, it'll be great, come along, don't be a loser!

But, ok, maybe you're the plan-ahead-religiously type and wanna know boring details like "when" and "where" and "what should I bring" and "hey, what if it rains". Like, yawn-on!

Truth is we're a bit sketchy on that but we sorta reckon the answers to those questions are:

  1. "Sevenish, y'know, as per";

  2. "Somewhere near the West Pier";

  3. "Dude, whatever you want. Food, drink, frisbees, whatever"; and

  4. "Dunno, what do you reckon?"

We'll be providing the barbeques but if you've got one spare or wanna buy one or whatever please do. And... ah screw it, that's enough planning. Boooooooooooring! See you on the beach! :)

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Added by flashbrighton on July 24, 2008