45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

His uniform immaculately pressed, Paulo Fierro entered the debriefing room, holding his officer's cap tightly across his chest. The room was large, oak lined, and mostly empty except for an line of military portraits, a US flag draped in the corner, and a imposing wooden desk, behind which sat his commanding officer, General Jack Ryan. He saluted the General crisply. 'Sir!'

Ryan looked up distractedly. 'At ease Fierro' he said, putting down his fountain pen and leaning backwards. 'Tell me what you've got.'

Fierro took a few steps forward. 'Sir, at first we thought the device was Russian but it seemed to be Norwegian made. "Bysykkel": a bicycle app. Not commercial Sir, looks like government issue. Users sign up and are then sent a "Bysykkelkortet" through the post, a kind of card that we still haven't figured out the purpose of. We reversed engineered the device and ran some tests in Flash & Perl, which resulted in an iPhone app we launched on the Norwegian iPhone store. The CIA boys had a team promoting the crap out of it on social networks, to smoke them out. It seems to have worked sir, it was blasted out of the sky by "Clear Channel" just recently.'

'Clear Channel?' Ryan raised an eyebrow doubtfully.

'Yes Sir. Clear Channel may have helped with the initial development. They are a Norwegian advertising agency but we figure that's just a front. Our men in Oslo haven't been able to penetrate them yet. `Suspect they're tring to bring about a military coup. We're working on that. Sir.'

General Ryan stood up and walked around the desk. 'Fierro, I want to see everything you've got so far: the Flash & Perl tests, the iPhone app, plus everything you have on Bysykkel and Clear Channel. Debriefing nineteen hundred hours, at The Werks in Hove, Tuesday November 17th. Understood?'

Fierro saluted. 'Sir, yes Sir!' He turned neatly and marched out, closing the doors quietly behind him.

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