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The challenge: in just 5 minutes sit down and make a telling contribution to someone else's Flash project. One computer, one project and a whole room of people working in rotation to make it happen. That - as regular Flojoers will attest to - is your classic Flojo routine. And that... is not really what 'Flash Pass the Parcel'* is about.

But it's not far off! Imagine, if you will, a Flojo with not just one but shedloads of computers, and just as many projects. And imagine, if you can, that those projects are as varied as chalk and something not-very-similar-to-chalk, like gravy, churches, or a duck. Here a Flex app, there a cartoony animation. And imagine, if you can still be bothered, being involved and constantly changing from project to project, like a backpacker on a whistlestop tour of Europe. Wud dat not be toatlee orsum dood?

That's right kids, 'Flash Pass the Parcel'* is... well, yeah, just a Flojo with multiple machines, let's not dress it up too much. But that's cool, it means less sitting around watching over people doing stuff and more getting your hands dirty making cool shit. We've got a rough idea of how it'll work but it's all a bit ad hoc still so we'll all just pitch in on the night and see what happens. Just bring along a laptop if you can and an idea of a SIMPLE, KEEP-IT-BLOODY-SIMPLE idea for a project to build that you think would be fun to make over a couple of hours.

Share your excitement about this thoroughly groundbreaking and inspiring new workshop format by signing up for it here and now as per.

* - prizes awarded for a snappier title. Well, no prizes, but we'll say 'cool, thanks' or something and you'll get to feel good about it, briefly.

Official Website: http://www.flashbrighton.org/wordpress/?p=178

Added by flashbrighton on October 14, 2008