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Next Tuesday we have a great double header: Niqui Merret on Accessibility and the launch of Adobe's CS4 suite!

Niqui's focus in Flash is accessibility for audiences with special needs. For the past few years she has researched user requirements, with the aim of reaching a better understanding of how users with different needs interact with computers and the Internet. She'll show you how to optimise your Flash apps for these crucial users and thus add another invaluable string to you OMG must-by-now-be-enormous developmental bow.

Also, suppress your excitiment NO LONGER 'cos the cat is coming right out of the bag! That's right y'all, get a big black marker and write September 23rd = CS4 Launch Party! Awesome! At FlashBrighton next Tuesday we'll have a awesome CS4 dessert to follow up your main course of Flash Accessibility.

So be like Warner Brothers: 'Get Smart' and sign up for this dynamic duo here RIGHT NOW!

Official Website: http://www.flashbrighton.org/wordpress/?p=173

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suppose I should be going to it :D