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E4X is an extension that adds a simple syntax to ActionScript for accessing XML documents. Like galloping thoroughbreds, XML documents can be thunderous, untamed beasts and ponying around with with childNodes[0].childNode all day won't bring much satisfaction when all you want to do is get in the saddle and ride, leather rubbing against leather. When you need to tame the spirited little filly that is XML, E4X is the whip that'll keep her in line.

It gets awfully hot in those stables; it's certainly no place for boys. That's why next week - hair tousled, shirt hanging out of his jodhpurs - we've got that trainer of first class fillies Pete Hobson mucking out the XML stalls for us. He's been around many stables of tech - Flash, Java, Director - and has broken in more XML 'mares than Mills & Boon have published racy novels.

Even if your ActionScript skills are at stablehand level Pete can saddle you right up. He'll show you the new objects, directives, & datatypes E4X introduces, and how E4X filters simplify data selection. Experienced riders will be treated to Pete's charismatic advanced techniques, looking at XML namespaces and even taking the E4X's QName object for a rubbing down. He'll show you how to keep your horse in line, covering common issues and problems with E4X. And for any intrepid riders who fancy getting a bit hot under the collar on the night by joining in live he'll be running demo code in FlexBuilder.

Next Tuesday come get hot, steamy and E4X-y with Pete & FlashBrighton by saddling up here with the rest of the pony set, to make sure that you lead the field inside the first furlong.

Official Website: http://flashbrighton.org

Added by flashbrighton on April 1, 2009