Black Lion Street
Brighton, England

Collision Detection, here's how it works: you get hit, it hurts, duck next time fool! But how about the small screen, virtual collisions: how can we detect those? When Player1 meets Player2 in a Flash game its critical that they don't overlap, they should bounce, scrape and strike each other, just like real tough fightin' guys. Detecting collisions isn't easy but fear not, because on Tuesday 15th April you can come along to FlashBrighton and find out how at our Collision Detection Masterclass!

Here in Brighton we're blessed with many experts of Collision Detection but none more qualified for this jamboree of frictious frisson than our own Seb Lee-Delisle. Seb's made more MovieClips bump n' grind off each other than you've had bad takeaway pizzas. He'll school you in the basics and maybe more if time permits. You'll be slicing up your Voronoi regions with your axis theorem in a jiffy-jaffy.

And all this is to take LegoJoe's 'AS3 Robot Wars' project of a few weeks ago onto the next level. Said project - to produce a Flash-based variant of the popular BBC2 smash-n-crash TV show - will obviously benefit from a sprinkling of collision detection. Our very own Craig-Charles-Alike Joe will be in attendance to tell us how things are progressing and also to answer the question on everyone's lips: Just when WILL we get a ninth series of 'Red Dwarf, eh?!'*.

Register now to avoid disappointment. And guarantee the disappointment of others.

*- DISCLAIMER: Joe may not be in a position to field questions concerning the current or future status of cult sci-fi sitcoms.

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