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Seb Lee-Dent tied his dressing gown and stepped out onto the gleaming white floor of the spacecraft. Clumping metallic boots announced the arrival of a lethargic robot, who stopped by Lee-Dent and raised his head.

'I'm Marvin, and you ought to know I'm very depressed. Follow me. I know why you're here,' said the robot sullenly. 'You are Seb Lee-Dent, galaxy-famous 3D games geek, and you are here to talk about your work. You'll allow your audience to choose the subject. The full subject list is as follows:'

Anaglyphic 3D;
Lunar Lander3D;
Motion detection in Flash;
Particle systems;
Making your own 3D engine;
Generating simple audio in Flash;
Making a multi-track recorder in Flash;
Making retro Flash games;
Making platform games;
A simple framework;
2D and 3D Physics in Flash;
Smooth collaboration between designers and coders;
How we made Big and Small;
How we made Zingzillas;
HTML5 canvas 3D;
Getting started with Unity3D

The list was read with such monotone indifference that by the end Lee-Dent wondered whether he himself had forgotten some of the topics out of sheer boredom. Prompted by Marvin's slow pace, he asked 'How long will it take us to reach... wherever we're going?'

'Hardly any time at all. At this pace we'll arrive at The Werks at precisely 7pm on Tuesday 8th of June.'

'But that's days away!' exclaimed Lee-Dent.

'I know. I wouldn't normally travel this fast but Zaphod insisted your tiny mind had to be rushed to him. I could have told him everything you know in a few seconds, but who listens to me? No one. It's "run fetch the human, Marvin!" Brain the size of a planet and they have me building space ships on forty pounds a week. It's all so depressing.'

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