78 Middle Street
Brighton, England BN1 1AL

"Brighton's Got Talent" is to be an event based loosely on the style of the similarly named & fabulous TV talent show, to showcase work of Brightonian geek work before a 'pro panel' of Flash stars drawn from the ranks of John Davey's speakers for FOTB. As a rough guide it might feature:

- A judging panel of Flash SuperStars
- A selection of Brighton's very best work
- A hyped-up Jerry Springer style audience
- Beer, some lousy prizes & a lynching, if we can possibly arrange one (wouldn't that be great?)

The thing needs planning. This meeting is do that. Come along and help! You never know, if youve got some stuff to possibly show on the night itself, helping to organise the event might well just give you a better chance of getting it shown...

PS: if you can't make the meeting itself (very short notice, we know) mark yourself down as 'I'm Interested' and we'll try to get you involved in your absense

Added by flashbrighton on July 29, 2009



sorry, Thursday night is footy night. It's a great idea though. Should be lots of fun.


Silly question possibly, but: is this just for Flash stuff?