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In the beginning was the word and the word was 'Papervision3D' and God looked and he saw that it was good. But God came to Adam and Eve in the Garden of 3D and found them eating of the forbidden fruit of the 'Away3D' tree and he said unto them 'There is only one 3D package in Flash and it is the mighty Papervision3D' and saying this cast them out of the Garden forever.

They came in time to a fertile plane and built a high city from Away3D triangular polygons. But God was greatly angered and sent a wave of Papervision3D websites to flood the market. They increased until they covered the entire face of the Internet. But God took pity and blessed Adam's descendent Rob 'Noah' Bateman and said unto him 'Never again will I curse the Internet with a glut of Papervision3D' and he instructed Rob Bateman to construct an Away3D boat which would carry him and all Away3D websites to safety over the flood. And when the flood subsided Rob's boat lodged high on an Away3D mountain and God said unto him 'be fruitful and fill the Internet with Away3D. I will make you, Rob Bateman, Lead Developer and Co-Founder of Away3D. This will be my covenant with you'.

And Rob said unto God 'My Lord, you have saved the world from a mighty flood of Papervision3D websites, I will do this for you. I will highlight the recent optimisations in Away3D that take advantage of Flash Player 10. I will showcase some of the collaborations happening within Away3D and I will show practical examples of Away3D in action. And I will show exciting work in progress from inside the Away3D production team'.

The Lord was greatly pleased and He looked again and He saw that Away3D was good (just as good as Papervision3D anyway) and He said unto Rob 'Go to FlashBrighton, next Tuesday at 7pm, and show them Away3D and how powerful it is. And make sure they sign up for the event here'. And Rob said 'I will my Lord, for soon I shall fly to the sweet by and by, away from a world without Papervision3D'.

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Rex Monster

Jesus, I'd better sign up then..


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